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Submitted on
June 17, 2011


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Chibi Commissions ( FULL)

Fri Jun 17, 2011, 3:52 PM

Update 10/03/2011: I'm hopping around the list to get orders done faster( get the easiest(simple) orders done first or the hardest out of the way,  feels more progress is getting done. Thank you for your patience OTL

Regular Commission: celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…
New Journal - to look cleaner*
Announcement: March 23rd. I will be updating the list soon, moving away the finished slots. New orders are  in my "notes" bookmarked, your name will be displayed when slots is updated.

NEW commission journal! migrate here xDD
Other Recommendation Commissioners, great prices<3:
1 celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…
2 celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…

1. Please be patient. No deadline , no rushing .

2. I do  not have a pattern ( meaning: if I post 2 commissions a week, doesn't mean  I will do it all the time. )

3. Please keep up with my updates and the list( this will keep you on track on both sides)

4. Please provide changes EARLY-( if you see that you are next, and the last updated was posted days ago..there is a chance that I already started)

5. After art is complete-  (and you see something wrong- I will do minor changes, no MAJOR  changes)

6.Payment to me is USD

7.Pay upfront. (you may ask for refund ONLY when I didn't start)

8. Note me the "title" Commission.

9. Lastly,  tell me you read my rules Y u Y.." Hello, I read your rules, I will like to order...etc" for example- it can be short and sweet..just hint me that you did read them, please.

10. Make sure you use the "form" provided at the bottom > u <

Thank  you for taking your time<333

  Mini Chibi with limit color *post as a batch*
Uniforms: Mini Chibi Limited by CelestialValkyrie *NEW COLOR*
Mini: $8 dollars per chibi

Extra character: ( x 2)
example: 8 x 2 = 16
New: Yes or No to "uniform" displayed in the sample(for people who are not sure what they will wear, or just for fun)
Description: Quick little sketches that is very limited to colors
Mini Gallery: celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…

CG Chibi *post as a batch*
Chibi Commission Batch S1 by CelestialValkyrie
Fullbody: $20(free bg, as in patterns and abstract or one color freehanded- displayed in the samples)

Extra character: ( x 1.8)
Example: 20 x 1.8 = 36
Description: Colorful CG chibi, thin lines.
Cg.C Gallery: celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…
Sample 2 by Vandione

Asus: Sample by Vandione

★= from previous slots, finish first
NOW: ★

Mini chibi(FULL)

Cg chibi(FULL)
1. :iconsigmaran: (1) paid
2. :icontorntethers: (2) paid
3. :iconpr3cari0us: (1) paid

Wait (Closed: On Locked mode )
1. :iconwyman:( Reserve for BW color full) *paid* Grabs first slot in round 2Gathering

Will draw
(no, they don't have to be pretty- I want diversity also<3)

.Weird proportion(Alien perhaps, provide very good refs )
.Facial Hair<3

Won't do-
.Animal faces* have to practice that soon;;*
.anything other (I'll tell you if there is something I won't draw, I like variety of characters)
*deleted old journal- New Journal instead, for less updating xD*
Send me a note titled 'Commission', and I'll get back to you ASAP.

I'm only using paypal  (

Paypal address:
Reference: (please provide  IMAGES of the character, I will read their story<3  )
Personality: ( outgoing, shy, aggressive..etc)
Pose/facial: ( have a pose in mind? or give me free will to express them. Facial will follow by their Personality or if you have something else in mind- tell me)
Payment/total: the total... please make your calculations, I will check to see if your sum is right then accept. )

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Birds outside.
  • Reading: kimi ni todoke/ DMW/ Ao no Exorcist
  • Watching: Deadman Wonderland/ Blue exorcist / Ano Hana
  • Playing: Pokemon Soul Silver and Mariooo
  • Eating: Sammich
  • Drinking: Paper work
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O_O EIGHT DOLLARS for ONE chibi comission!?
THAT pays for a week of food in my place! wth O_O
oh gosh...i'm gonna be saving more so i can snatch a spot again when you next open up your coloured chibi commissions!

Pyromaniac Oct 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll surely commission you for a chibi some day e_e I must....
CelestialValkyrie Oct 6, 2011  Student Digital Artist
O-OTL I'll pinch myself awake... to see what I'm reading is real-shotdied-
I plan on asking for Commish!~ I just got a job and I've really wanted you to do my OC cause I wanted to see what she would look like in your style. So When I get my first paycheck, $8 of it sill be coming your way~
CelestialValkyrie Oct 6, 2011  Student Digital Artist
OH sure! anytime you like<3 I'm trying to make room > u <
Yay! I haven't even started yet at my job though.. training is next week. It's a new restaurant and it will be opened up later this month. I'll have my OC up on my page (which is empty right now...)later on Sunday or Monday. C:
One day this is going to happen ;A; <3
Rammusinsanus May 29, 2011
FFFFFFFFFFFWWWEEEE~ /runs off to note
Valkyrie-Adroit May 29, 2011  Student General Artist
I tried getting to the link of prices but it said "File not found."
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