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Submitted on
December 5, 2010


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+Regular Commission+(CLOSED)

Sun Dec 5, 2010, 8:29 PM

*New Journal - to look cleaner*
Update 1-10-2012, When the last two orders are complete, only one slot will be available for each style( the ones that is open). I will be focusing more on CG (which will be done on Photoshop) and might open Colorful Experiment.

-BW SplashColor fullbody will be closed. However, bust and waist up will be open
-Colorful Experiment will be open as "single" character first
- Will make Cg chibie's more colorful.

Chibi commissions: celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…

NEW commission journal! migrate here xDD
Other Recommendation Commissioners, great prices<3:
1 celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…
2 celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…

1. Please be patient. no deadline or rushing .

2. I do  not have a pattern ( meaning: if I post 2 commissions a week, doesn't mean  I will do it all the time. )

3. Please keep up with my updates and the list( this will keep you on track on both sides)

4. Please provide changes EARLY-( if you see that you are next, and the last updated was posted days ago..there is a chance that I already started)

5. After art is complete-  (and you see something wrong- I will do minor changes, no MAJOR  changes)

6.Payment to me is USD

7.Pay upfront. (you may ask for refund ONLY when I didn't start)

8. Note me the "title" Commission.

9. Lastly,  tell me you read my rules Y u Y.." Hello, I read your rules, I will like to order...etc" for example- it can be short and sweet..just hint me that you did read them, please.

10. Make sure you use the "form" provided at the bottom > u <

Thank  you for taking your time<333

Discuss the price with me if character is too detailed such as armor, detailed or way too much clothing and etc. Be prepared  "within" the price range of your desired order<3 I will decide your payement.
BW, Splash color The abstract of the style is always free.
-Apoidea- by CelestialValkyrieT. Dragon  -Commission by CelestialValkyrie-Deteriorating Melody- by CelestialValkyrie
Bust $---
Waist $----
Full $ N/A (closed )

Extra character: ( x 1.8)
Description: Heavy Black lines with splash of colors, thick lines and random abstract. *New: now using skin tones*
*NOTE: The style changed a lot , so I'm trying to fuse every element from previous commissions. The vibrant color abstract will vary on the personality of the character.
BWcolor Gallery: celestialvalkyrie.deviantart.c…
Discuss the price with me if character is too detailed such as armor, detailed or way too much clothing and etc. Be prepared  "within" the price range of your desired order<3 I will decide your payment.
NEWRegular CG*available as  "single" only* The abstract of the style is always free.
Contrast by CelestialValkyrieRunning Crane by CelestialValkyrieStar Bright- S.S 2010 by CelestialValkyrie

(not available: Available after I finish the list- trying to get use in photoshop before opening this )
Description: Thin lines, no lines to some areas or lineless, Coloring is painterly.Random abstract may be required.
Flat Cg *only available  as a waist-  background will be simple*
+night is Reviving+ by CelestialValkyrieHappy Birthday Yuuchama by CelestialValkyrie

Extra: (x1.8)

Color bg:Free
Gradiant bg:Free
Simple Background: $10-20

Description:Thin lines, flat colors-almost celshade with tiny blend. Best for dramatic lighting.

NEWColorful Experiment added on 12-10-2011
-falling on my head- by CelestialValkyrieEssence by CelestialValkyrie
Waist: ---

Description: Colored in thin lines, very experimental in colors(colorful) and shapes, ethereal with slight abstract.

Note: :iconhatsuoki: *reminder*
★= from previous slots, finish first
NOW: ★

BW/color    * This slot will be locked or not available next opening*

Regular CG
Flat CG*New*

Colorful Experiment *NEW*
1. New style, not open

Wait (Closed: On Locked mode )
4. :iconwyman:( Reserve for BW color full) *paid* Grabs first slot in round 2  Progressing/ Waiting for final reference…

( Reserve a spot, pay anytime- ones who decides to pay early will grab the slot  )

Will draw
(no, they don't have to be pretty- I want diversity also<3)

.Weird proportion(Alien perhaps, provide very good refs )
.Facial Hair<3

Won't do-
.Animal faces* have to practice that soon;;*
.anything other (I'll tell you if there is something I won't draw, I like variety of characters)
*deleted old journal- New Journal instead, for less updating xD*
Send me a note titled 'Commission', and I'll get back to you ASAP.

I'm only using paypal  (

Paypal address:
Reference: (please provide  IMAGES of the character, I will read their story<3  )
Personality: ( outgoing, shy, aggressive..etc)
Pose/facial: ( have a pose in mind? or give me free will to express them. Facial will follow by their Personality or if you have something else in mind- tell me)
Commercial use? : (  If Yes, please discuss with me, prices will vary  / No = something personal/fun ( anything  non profitable/no intention of profit. etc)  
Payment/total: the total... please make your calculations, I will check to see if your sum is right then accept./ Detail prices and Commercial use prices will be discussed through notes.)

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: double rainbow
  • Reading: Are You Alice?/ Zanbara/ Kimi ni Todoke
  • Watching: Panty and Stocking 3 /OnePiece453/Karugehime 5
  • Playing: Pokemon Soul Silver and Mariooo
  • Eating: Sammich
  • Drinking: Paper work
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VorkenHund Mar 31, 2013  Student Filmographer
;w; does this mean you won't accept commissions anymore?
|D I'm a little confused
RomadE Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I read the rules...
So you don't take point commissions?
CelestialValkyrie Dec 11, 2011  Student Digital Artist
well it's not up there;
nope; u;
Avatarx25 May 3, 2011
meh do you do soft yaois and shonen ai???
CelestialValkyrie May 6, 2011  Student Digital Artist
yes I do any couples > u <
Avatarx25 May 6, 2011
ok ;)
Is it all right to get a commission in exchange for a subscription? If you will, please do let me know what the amount would be and what you would exchange it for. in example.: 12 month for _______ or 3 month subscription for ________. Thank you! Please do let me know! If you can not, it is all right! :iconloveloveplz:
CelestialValkyrie Mar 12, 2011  Student Digital Artist
ah 3 months is 7.95? = mini chibi with limited color.
Since it is the only one open, you can choose that one if you like.
I have a question, for the refrence do you need an art pic or could you use a real life photo to use as a refrence for a mini chibi? Sorry >w<~
CelestialValkyrie Feb 27, 2011  Student Digital Artist
any is fine< 3
sorry for my late response;; I never read the comments set up here.
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